Extinguished - High Resolution

Imani Simmons knows her mother was murdered. For fourteen years, she has collected evidence and had her mother’s spirit lurking in the back of her mind. But revenge isn’t so easy when the murderer is not only a powerful political figure and expert air manipulator, but your own step-mother. If Imani wants to expose her step-mother’s crimes, she must first come to terms with her own impotency as a non-manipulator and then spark the fire that will bring the truth to light.
EXTINGUISHED is a short story at 7,300 words. Find it HERE in the Kindle store.

Death Defiant goes live tomorrow!

Death Defiant - High Resolution

After saving a stranger in a busy New York street, Cherifa reveals to the world her two biggest secrets: she’s a half-demon, and she can’t die. With humans, demons, and everything in-between wanting to harness her power, Cherifa must go on the run with the eccentric person she saved. But her death has sparked waves of revolution in the half-demon community, and if she wants to stop an interdimensional war, she’ll have to go through Hell to do it.

Get hype!

Tomorrow my debut novel DEATH DEFIANT will be going live as an ebook! I’m really excited to share this with you guys, as I’m very proud of the finished work.

While the ebook version will be available later tomorrow (just in time for Halloween), the print-on-demand version is scheduled for release November 14th. Thank you to everyone who supported me through this, and I hope you guys enjoy the final product.