Looking for Beta Readers

Last night, I finally finished rereading through all of Death Defiant and editing it. All that’s left now is to put the edits onto the computer (I did everything by hand) and then get it out to beta readers.

Which brings me to you.

I need beta readers! And if you’re the kind of person who is interested in new takes on demons and angels and queer characters, you should keep reading and see if you’d be interested.

Death Defiant Blurb:

Cherifa has spent the last twenty years living safely in New York City, but when she gets hit by a car trying to save a stranger, she reveals her secret to the entire world: she can’t die.

Now the half-demons of her past have revealed themselves to the entire world, and they’ve put a price on Cheri’s head. Together with the woman she saved, Cheri will have to go on the run from humans and half-demons alike. However, the only safe place to go is down, straight into Hell.

If this sounds like something you might be willing to beta read, then here’s what I’m looking for. Be aware: you don’t need to fulfill all of these. However, if you think you’d be a good fit, then you should definitely let me know.

What I’m looking for:

  • Attention to plot and character
  • Someone either from the Middle East or familiar with Saudi Arabian culture
  • Encouraging, but also critical
  • Lover of fantasy
  • Queer readers or readers interested in queer fiction
  • Able to get the beta read MS back to me within 4 weeks

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please send me an email at reiring.2 at osu dot edu. I’ll send you the first three chapters for you to do a test read on, and if we mesh, I’ll provide you a copy of the entire manuscript.

I’m very excited about my first novel, and I hope you are, too! Thanks to anyone who offers to help.

Saving People is a Stupid Thing to Do

This is a snippet from the first chapter of my upcoming novel, DEATH DEFIANT. I hope you enjoy it.


The woman crossing the street stared at her magazine, and the car speeding towards her paid no attention. Cheri froze for a brief moment, taking in the situation as Tyler tugged her arm to get her attention. If she ever dared to count the stupid things she had done in her life, it would be a very long, embarrassing list, but as she ran forward and shoved the woman out of the sports car’s path, she realized this would definitely be the number one Stupid Thing Ever Done.

The car hit Cheri’s knees. Her eyes locked with the driver’s for a split second as her tibia shattered. The driver stood on his brakes as she crashed into the windshield and rolled over top the rest of the car before hitting the pavement. A sick, wet thud cracked the air when her head took the brunt of the fall and her body crumpled around her broken neck.

Blood flecked the blacktop and the saved woman’s pant legs, her scraped palms nothing compared to the way Cheri’s limbs twisted at impossible angles. As he ran to her, Tyler’s eyes grew wide with terror. His huge hands tried to set her body up right, as if that would somehow fix her. Pedestrians on the sidewalk stopped, as did oncoming traffic, everyone staring at the broken body of the girl in the road.

The saved woman stood. Walking past her discarded issue of Vogue, she stumbled towards her savior’s body.

“Somebody call an ambulance!” Tyler said, trying to stop tears from crawling down his cheeks. He supported Cheri’s head and shook her, trying to wake her up. He looked around at the crowd gathered on the sidewalk. Many people had taken their cell phones out, but few looked to be using it to call anyone. Some focused their cameras on the two, and that only put Tyler into a rage.

He stood, entire body shaking. Just a few feet away, some teenager’s camera phone focused on Cheri’s body. Tyler stalked towards him with his fists clenched at his sides. Before he could get there, though, the driver’s side door of the sports car opened, and a man – a kid, really, who couldn’t have gotten his license more than a few months ago – stepped out.

Tyler turned on him, shouting, spit flying from his mouth as his hands balled up in the driver’s blazer, slamming him back into the car. The saved woman looked on, but then her gaze shifted to Cheri’s body. She knelt next to her and reached out…

Then she stopped, eyes transfixed as the body twitched. Limbs moved, realigning themselves. Blood splattered on the pavement dissolved into red smoke, and Cheri’s head twisted itself to a more natural position with a sick crunch.

Tyler stopped and turned to look at his friend’s body, just in time to see the worst of it: the curling, ice blue horns that grew just above her ears; the smaller ones pushing from her knees and elbows, ripping through her docent’s jacket and best pair of black slacks; the inch-long ones jutting from each of her knuckles, from discolored spots she’d always told her friends were old scars.

Bloodless and unharmed, she blinked, sat up, and the first person started screaming.