Extinguished - High Resolution

Imani Simmons knows her mother was murdered. For fourteen years, she has collected evidence and had her mother’s spirit lurking in the back of her mind. But revenge isn’t so easy when the murderer is not only a powerful political figure and expert air manipulator, but your own step-mother. If Imani wants to expose her step-mother’s crimes, she must first come to terms with her own impotency as a non-manipulator and then spark the fire that will bring the truth to light.
EXTINGUISHED is a short story at 7,300 words. Find it HERE in the Kindle store.

REVIEW: Veiled by Eka Waterfield [5/5]

veiledTitle: Veiled (Book 2 in The Fae Feast)

Author: Eka Waterfield

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 5/5


Twenty years have passed since the events of Sinners, and Niavin Arkezea is thriving. Sure, there has been an influx of attempts on his life recently, and an annoying upstart vendor came into his markets with strange new substances that lured away many of Niavin’s customers. But that is business as usual, nothing Niavin cannot handle.

Then a being ancient beyond belief comes forward to strike a deal with him, and things start to get interesting.

You may remember my review of the first book, Sinners, in this series last year. I beta read the work and loved it every time I read it, so I was more than pleased when Waterfield came to me ask me to beta read the sequel as well.

In Veiled, Waterfield has not disappointed. The plots are just as intricate and complex as ever, and the twisted interactions of characters are expertly unraveled throughout the story. Niavin is such a great, sassy, asexual Sidhe drug lord, and the cast of characters in this work is even stronger than it was in Sinners.

Overall, I found this work to be better than the first. Waterfield really seems to have found her groove in writing, and she’s obviously comfortable in the world of the fae. The pacing of the plot is perfect, with alternating scenes of fast-paced action and intense dramatic dialogue. I especially loved how so much from the first book was tied in with this one, and the details contained in the novella are just enough to remind you of what happened without overwhelming you with summary.

Veiled is an excellent sequel to an already excellent novella. I can’t wait for more of Waterfield’s works, and I definitely hope to see more with Niavin in the future.

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Death Defiant - High Resolution


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When humans began hunting them thousands of years ago, demons locked themselves away in their own dimension, leaving their half-demon spawn to wander the earth. Abandoned, alone, and outcast from all societies, half-demons formed their own small cities or learned to live, mutilated and hidden, from the humans who wanted them dead.

After saving a stranger in a busy New York street, Cherifa reveals to the world her two biggest secrets: she’s a half-demon, and she can’t die. With humans, demons, and everything in-between wanting to harness her power, Cheri must go on the run with the eccentric person she saved. But her death has sparked waves of revolution in the half-demon community, and if she wants to stop an interdimensional war, she’ll have to go through Hell to do it.

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Review: Sinners by Eka Waterfield (5/5)

Title: Sinners

Author: Eka Waterfield

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Dark Fantasy


Beautiful. Predatory. Self-obsessed to an extreme degree. All of those can be applied to the sidhe, the ancient rulers of the worlds of fae. They are also addicts – and symbols of human pollution are their drug of choice. Toxic and industrial waste, chemicals and radiation are sweeter to the sidhe than the most exceptional vintage.
Noble Lord Niavin of House Arkezea is as close to a traditional drug lord as the fae worlds will ever see. Between the scheming of his opponents, fickle customers, and the constant need to explain his strange opposition to carnal depravities, Niavin’s hands are always full. And of course, his noble peers are ever happy to create even more trouble…

About a year ago, I saw someone searching for an asexual person who could tell them if their ace character was represented in a proper, respectful way. Being asexual myself, I volunteered to look over her manuscript for her. While the story sounded very interesting, I didn’t expect much from it, but I enjoy critiquing and making other people’s stuff better, so I thought I would have a good time helping out regardless.

I vastly underestimated what I was getting myself into.

I got to read Sinners when it was in its early drafts. Waterfield is not a native English speaker, but I couldn’t tell. It was better than many other manuscripts I’ve read, though it still needed some editing. The word-craft was beautiful and elegant in a way I had not expected, especially for a story this dark. Waterfield’s description of scenery and characters is beautiful and evocative, her sentences beautifully created to conjure images of the fantastic and disturbing.

What truly struck me were the intricacies within the plot. Waterfield does not simply tell you that the sidhe are sneaky and scheming, but she shows you, keeping you on the edge of your seat and constantly guessing as you try to figure out what these devious fae are up to. The foreshadowing is great, and when the reveals come, they are shocking — though you feel a fool, because you should have known this all along.

I loved this story. I read it four times, and I never got bored. Even if the plot never changed, the story always held my interest with an iron fist. After spending so long with this novella, I probably have some level of bias, but I adored this story, and I am eager to have others read it, as well. Sinners is a fast-paced, gruesome, and beautiful story well-suited for lovers of twisted fairytales and dark fantasy.

Review: Mistborn: The Final Empire (5/5)

Title: Mistborn: The Final Empire (Book #1 of the Mistborn Trilogy)

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 5/5

Genre: High Fantasy


In a world where ash falls from the sky, and mist dominates the night, an evil cloaks the land and stifles all life. The future of the empire rests on the shoulders of a troublemaker and his young apprentice. Together, can they fill the world with color once more?
In Brandon Sanderson’s intriguing tale of love, loss, despair and hope, a new kind of magic enters the stage – Allomancy, a magic of the metals.

Were do I even begin? Mistborn tells the stories of Vin and Kelsier, a sixteen-year-old street thief with trust issues and a charming, mischievous man with a vision to change the world. Both are capable of allomancy, a magic that allows specific abilities through the “burning” of different metals one has ingested. The Lord Ruler who presides over the world has enslaved half the population for a thousand years, and only the nobility enjoy anything reminiscent of freedom. But even they are subject to the omnipotent Lord Ruler’s whims.

I love stories of revolution and rising against oppression, which is what this book is all about: Vin, Kelsier, and their gang of thieves plan to overthrow the Final Empire, and the intricacies of their plans is astounding. You are not simply told that these characters are intelligent, but you see it in action as they work together to create revolutionary plan.

I was worried at first that Vin and Kelsier would fall in love, which was honestly going to be very gross: Kelsier is probably in his thirties and Vin is just 16. Thankfully, there was no romance in the relationship that blossomed between them, but the relationship that did grow there was absolutely beautiful.

Every character is spectacularly crafted, each one obviously the protagonist of their own story. They are all bursting with life and personality, completely distinctive from one another. The character craft here is enviable, and I found myself either in love or hate with every person to cross the page.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this story, however, is the impeccable world-building. So much work has obviously gone into building this fantasy, and the level of detail is fantastic. One of my problems with high fantasy and hard sci-fi is that these stories often take you out of the scene to spend lengthy amounts of time explaining how the world works. Mistborn never does, and instead integrates lessons into the story itself, building the world around you and allowing you to see the levels of intricacy in-depth without a lecture.

My only criticism of the story is the lack of women. In the story, there are only two named women who appear in scenes: Vin and a noblewoman named Shan. This is the only aspect I was disappointed in, but I hope to see that resolved in the following books. Still, the strength and complexity of Vin’s character almost made me forget the lack in the story.

If you like fantasy at all, I would suggest this book in a heartbeat. I plan on buying it for plenty of people for Christmas, because it’s just that good. Please read this book, and then come talk to me about it. I need someone to scream with.