Journals, Fundraising, and So Much Writing

I’ve been doing so much this past week.

  • Starting and updating a bullet journal
  • Starting a fundraiser to nominate Death Defiant for the Bi Book Awards
  • Applying to MFA programs
  • Working on my creative writing thesis
  • Writing God Grounder, the sequel to DD
  • Preparing for the Writing Excuses cruise and retreat

So it’s been a long, long week with a lot of work. My bullet journal is really cool, though, and I like it as a great way of organizing my daily life. I’ve been writing a lot too, and with school starting, I’m trying to get into the rhythm of everything. I also have a real person job this year, which means I’m doing a lot of cool work, but also am losing a lot of time out of my days.

It’s now ten days until the Writing Excuses cruise, though, and I couldn’t be more pumped! No news on the individual breakout sessions yet, but I’m really hoping to get a spot. Either way, it’ll be a great experience (and a great tan).

Busy, busy, busy. How about you guys? How have you been?