Queer Publishing

So here’s a question I received over on my tumblr:

anonymous asked: Hi, I have a question if that’s okay. In my novel, the two main male characters are in a relationship, (one is homosexual and asexual, and the other is bisexual) but I don’t want to write a LGBT novel if that make sense, I don’t want it to be a big deal, just to be a YA novel with two LGBT characters. If I were to publish it as such, would there be any complications in mainstream publishers and how’s its presented? Thank you

One comment on “Queer Publishing

  1. Hayden says:

    I write gay YA speculative fiction with Queerteen Press, which is an imprint of JMS Books (an even smaller press than Dreamspinner). They’re another publisher worth looking into with regard to LGBT books that don’t necessarily focus on gay issues. I’ve always written my fantasy stories that way, and I’ve never had any problems getting readers to pick them up. Malinda Lo even listed my gay YA superhero series for her post on LGBT YA books that don’t focus on gay angst. Small presses definitely take way more chances than larger ones and don’t like pigeonholing LGBT fiction (adult and YA) as strictly about gay issues. The bigger the scope of the story, the better, as long as the representation isn’t offensive or demeaning in any way.

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