Sunday Update

I got the first beta read of Death Defiant back, which means I’ll be doing my second rounds of edits soon. I’m very excited about that! I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it out by the end of August, which would be amazing.

I’ve been really slacking these last couple weeks, though. I’ve been kicking my ass back in gear, though. Now that my summer job is over, I plan on spending the next three weeks going hard at writing DD’s unnamed sequel. I managed to outline the whole thing today, and while the outline only covers the main plot, it’s definitely a start and means that I’ll be able to finally start writing it tomorrow.

How has everyone else’s writing weeks been?

2 comments on “Sunday Update

  1. Well done on getting that far with Death Defiant, and on setting yourself an immediate and ambitious target to get it out there.

    I’ve spent the week doing a whole mix of things – editing a short story, planning a radio script, starting a novella – feels like my creative brain’s been leaping all over the shop. I did realise I might achieve some targets for the end of July that I’d given up on, and that was very pleasing.

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