I did it!

Well, I really did it! Over spring break, I cranked out 18,500 words. Admittedly, not all of these were directly for the story. A lot was me going back and hashing out some character backgrounds, some bios, and getting my subplots and main plot in order, but the majority of it was story writing. Wednesday, I even managed to write 4,000 words before noon! So that’s great.

I also finished reading Steve Almond’s Rock and Will Save Your Life. It was fantastic, and I finished it perfectly on time because the copy of Vee Hoffman’s Acclamation that I won finally got here today. I’ll start reading that tonight, and I’ll probably post a review of Almond’s book sometime this week.

Bottom line, I had a great writing week, and I’m going to bump up my daily quota to 1,000 words per day as I get ready for Camp NaNo this April. Hope all of you have been just as successful!

Give me your thoughts.

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