Intense Goals This Week

School’s out, and spring break is on. (Un)fortunately, I’m not going anywhere this week, which means I’m going to do some heavy duty writing. I’ve decided to put Antanama on the back burner for now, since I’m still deciding how to divide it up and it’s inevitably going to be a series. But Devil Inside, my old NaNo script (dumb title, but I have to call it something), has the potential to be just one story with the possibility to turn into something longer.

This week, I’ll be giving DI my full attention. I’ve finally beaten out an entire outline for the thing – which means I have an ending, something unheard of in my writing world. It’s gonna be about 38 chapters and 95000 words, with an ending that leaves just enough hope for a sequel, if I want to write it. Looking at the outline, it’s not great, but I think it has a lot of potential once I hammer out some more details. Either way, my goal this week is 15,000 words, writing 3,000 words every day. This is going to be pretty hard, but I have faith in myself. And if I get this done, then when I do Camp NaNo in April (50k goal), I should be able to finish the novel completely.

With any luck, this book should be ready to query by June and then I can retrain my brain to thinking about Antanama. I think this is the right choice for me, since Antanama is a whole world in itself with a huge cast of characters that I need to be in a permanent mindset for.

I’d love to hear about your guys’ plans. Any of you guys planning an intense Camp NaNo this year? Getting ready to finish a novel? Also spending your vacation writing instead of relaxing (since we all know that writing is certainly not relaxing)?

4 comments on “Intense Goals This Week

  1. Ambitious goal – good luck with it!

    I’m currently a few chapters from finishing the first draft of a novel, and hoping to manage that by the end of the month. But then I originally wanted to finish this thing by Christmas, so lets see how this goal goes…

  2. kquintana says:

    Great goals! And awesome about the outline! I think the first time I ever finished a novel was when I finally made one. I’m working on revising my query to finally send out to editors while trying to revise my NaNo novel.

    • I know, I only recently started doing outlines. They’re really hard, but hey, I’ve never gotten this far writing a novel before, so!

      The idea of sending out query letters is terrifying, but good luck with that! I’m sure you’ll do great.

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