Review: The Order of the Four Sons

Title: The Order of the Four Sonso4s

Author: Lauren Scharhag and Coyote Kishpaugh

Genre: Science-Fiction, Horror

Rating: 8/10


Since before recorded history, the Order of the Four Sons has existed. From their beginnings in ancient Egypt to the boardrooms of modern times, they have fought a covert war against the enemies of humankind. But now, after 5,000 years, their greatest battle is about to begin. A mysterious phone call sends six unlikely heroes to do battle against an unspeakable evil, even in the very heart of its power. The first of a new series, The Order of the Four Sons blends elements of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and adventure. It weaves the everyday world with a world of magic, technology, monsters and secret societies battling for the fate of the earth. Welcome to the Order. The world is not what it seems.

When you look at the cover of The Order of the Four Sons, you probably think you’re about to dive into some ancient Egyptian, high fantasy epic with mummies and gods and goddesses and a lot of cats.

Well, you’re not.

It becomes pretty obvious when you read the summary, but neither the summary nor the cover give the potential reader a good grasp on what this book is about.

So let me help you out.

O4S is a sassy, dark novel about a ragtag team of people who are tasked with saving the world from some seriously evil shit. There are a bunch of historical references and characters, most of which are used very well, including Frank and Jesse James and Jack the Ripper. The book is written in third person omniscient, which can honestly get obnoxious and clunky sometimes as you jump around from character to character. The cast, however, is very lively, and the authors obviously know their characters very well. One drawback to this is that the characters also have a lot of names, one in particular being referred to as “J.D.”, “the Colonel,” and “Garnett,” which is sometimes confusing.

Let me say one thing: the first chapter is fucking awesome. I was so pumped. I was so fucking pumped to read this book. And then exposition happened. A lot of exposition. The first half of the book just dragged on and on and on. It was especially painful when I saw the obvious different writing styles of the two authors for the first few chapters, and I found one to be significantly better than the other. They eventually find their groove by, you guessed it, halfway through the novel, because that’s when




The last half of the novel is so awesome, I can’t even describe it. While the world is somewhat confusing and there is obviously some information missing, I didn’t care. The historical tie-ins are fantastic, and I found myself craving more background chapters from Elizabeth and Katarina, the story’s villains. Honestly, I could read a whole book just about the two of them. I would read a whole book between just the two of them.

If you can get past the dragging first half of this book, you are in for a pretty great book, and a good start to the beginning of a series. I definitely recommend this book. Finish what you’re reading, and go get a copy. You can get it for free on Smashwords, but I say, go pay the $0.99 and get it from Amazon. You can’t even get a Coke for that cheap, and it’s nearly 500 pages. So just pay the money, because this is a good book, and it’s worth it.

Give me your thoughts.

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