Spawn gets its first reviews, and I begin screaming uncontrollably.

Spawn CoverLast Monday, I published my first short story, Spawn. Eight days later, I got my first review from Antonio Simon Jr., an author at Goodreads.

With a five-star rating, Antonio says:

This short story is the author’s first published work, and it is, in a word, excellent. The writing is brisk, crisp, and visceral. The characterization, for so short a piece, is direct and appropriate. Alice is emotionally detached from her work, depicted not as a savage murderer but as an artist, one who contrives artful and fittingly ironic deaths for each of her contracts. We also see how she succumbs to her fears when she realizes the tables have turned and she is no longer the hunter but the hunted.

Definitely a good read. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Did I start screaming?


And then I saw I had another review over at Amazon:

I stumbled upon this quite by accident, but I am so glad that I did. Spawn is everything that I have been looking for in my fantasy writing: gripping, graphic, and above all, GOOD. It is simultaneously real and surreal, if you can believe that. Yes, the story focuses around people having such strong emotions that they manifest, but other than that… totally believeable. Also, this is only 99 cents? Let’s be real, I can’t even get a candy bar for 99 cents anymore. And this is infinitely more satisfying than any sweet. I look forward to reading anything and everything that follows this impressive first step.

I’m really glad my roommates aren’t here, because they would think I’m insane from all the squealing and squawking I’ve been doing.

I’m used to getting reviews – good reviews, too – on my fanfiction, but that’s a very specific niche and community in which I worked. Getting sparkling reviews from people on my fanfiction felt – and continues to feel – amazing. But getting a glowing review on something that is completely, one-hundred percent my own?

That feels fantastic.

Spawn is currently up on Smashwords as a pick your price option (which feels appropriate for a short story) or for $0.99 on Amazon.

3 comments on “Spawn gets its first reviews, and I begin screaming uncontrollably.

  1. Paper_Wizard says:

    Congratulations! It must make the lonely trek of writing it so worthwhile! Confirmation of your secret harbours is always exhilarating!
    I’m still trekking…

  2. Venom says:

    I do not know how long you wrote on your story and how much work you put into it, but I reckon it was worth every second the moment you read the reviews. :D

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