Spawn Excerpt

My short story Spawn is going to be published soon. It will be available in digital copies on Kindle and Smashwords. It’s a horror/thriller about Alice, an assassin in a world where a person’s strongest vices and virtues can take physical form. Alice uses her spawn to help with her contracts, but now something is hunting her.

Read the excerpt below the break.


I was six when my first Spawn bubbled from my eyes and landed in a wet plop on the ground. My classmates gathered around to watch as the black spot on the floor took shape. As I rubbed frantically at my eyes, I prepared to scream. I didn’t know what was happening. Before I could begin sobbing, something cold touched my arm. I peeked from behind my fingers and saw a mass of gray and red before me. Dropping my hands, I blinked away my tears in an attempt to see it clearer. The black dot on the ground transformed into a creature half as big as me. Sickly gray skin clung tight to its bones, the body a thin shadow of me with a face void of all features except grotesquely huge, blue eyes and red hair curling perfectly around its shoulders. Its bony hand dropped away from me, and though it had no mouth, I knew it was smiling.

The teacher took a step back. I didn’t care. I reached out and touched its cheek, letting my fingers caress the soft skin. I laughed and wrapped it in my arms. The other children all started talking at once.

“Which one is it?”

“It’s a Vice.”

“What are you going to name it?”

“It looks slimy.”

The creature came when Jeremy said he liked my eyes, and now I saw blown-up replicas of them in some shadow creature’s vacant face. A month later, my mother would tell me this Vice was born of my vanity and that I should try to tone it down. It’s not proper to have Vices following you around.

I pecked the spawn where its mouth should have been, and with a child’s innocence, named it “Mirror.” The teacher said it was the biggest spawn she’s ever seen birthed.

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